MadiLins Pooch Pawlour

You love your four-legged friends like they were your very own children. The only problem is sometimes they smell less than pleasant and you aren't in a big hurry to get too close to them. Proper grooming can take care of that.


Our team of professional groomers will give your dog or cat a fresh new appearance and more importantly a fresh new smell. Enjoy a complete service with grooming from head to toe. All sizes and breeds welcome.

"Not only did both my dogs and one troublesome cat get groomed beyond my expectations, but I was able to take care of some chores by leaving all my best friends in the care of the Pooch Pawlour."

- John D.

• Bathing

• Blow Drying

• Eye & Ear Cleaning

• Flea & Tick Control Products

• Flea & Tick Treatments

• Nail Clipping

• Hand Scissoring

Our grooming and spa services include:

Snuggle in with your furry family members

• Comb-Out Grooming

• Dental Care

• Brushing

• Hot Oil Treatments

• Grooming Supplies

• All Natural Products

• All Natural Dog Treats


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woman hugging her pet cat dog and cat taking bath in the tub